Press Release.

From Criminology to Chic-Lit: The Games Women Use…

Dr. Jayne Seagrave’s first book was a three hundred page text book on Canadian Policing, it became recommended reading in Canadian Universities and Colleges for over twenty-five years. Her second, was a guide book on camping, which proved to be so successful it has been reprinted and up-dated on nine occasions. She then published another seven books of non-fiction. Her new book, The Games Women Use is her first work of fiction. In this work Jayne uses her academics to challenge the reader to consider at what point female friendship and support becomes akin to aiding and abetting, and whether a criminal act exist if others are unaware it has been committed.

She describes the 250 page book as ‘Thinking women’s Chic-Lit.’ It tells the engaging story of four women who meet at the start of their adult lives and form bonds that last a life time. The story is set against the swirling activities in four Olympic Games’ host cities (Vancouver, London, Sochi and Tokyo) and culminates in Beijing during the 2022 winter games. The cities hosting the Games provide the place, time and distraction for elite athletes to be celebrated, records to be broken, medals to be awarded and maybe for crimes to be hidden?

“I first conceived of the subject matter prior to the Vancouver Winter Olympics in 2010, however with a young family and full-time career had little opportunity to write. But every two years, when the Olympics rolled around, I thought of my unfulfilled ambition to write what I describe as Chic Lit for the discerning reader. This ambition, I hope, has now been achieved”.

The Games Women Use is published by Vanguard Press/Pegasus Publishing.